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Comprehensive SEO Audit & Report

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October 8th 2018

This is a full and comprehensive SEO Audit of your website. It is 50+ pages of review and assessment of all aspects of your website related to SEO and as compared to competitors where appropriate. Think of it as an SEO Blueprint for your website. This is not a push button report, but 15+ hours of manual investigation, enhanced with the use of cutting edge analytical tools

Full technical review of the website

  • Review of all technical factors that affect the performance of the website
  • Review of all SEO factors influencing website
  • Full review of Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console)
  • Summarise and report
  • Action changes where possible or prepare instructions for your web developers to action

Website content review

  • Review of website content architecture (ie how all the content works together)
  • Keyword/phrase review
  • Review content of the website and stock take the blog posts and digital assets that you have already.
  • Identify what you need to do to upgrade the existing content to make it exemplary in your industry
  • Advise on the development of new high quality content.

Website On-site Optimisation Recommendations

  • Target search term (keyword) research
  • Recommendation report prepared for your developers detailing keyword placement (10 target pages)

Full review of your website’s presence on Google

  • General search with rankings of targetted keywords
  • Google Local (Google Maps and Google My Business)
  • Image, Video and News search
  • Positioning against competitors
  • Business directories
  • Advise further development of your exposure on these properties

Full review of your website performance

  • Full review of the website’s performance.
  • Review Google analytics and analyse traffic sources, visitor activity on website and conversion rates
  • Review key competitor(s)
  • Identify and review which search terms are working and which need to be addressed
  • Summarise, report and recommend specific activities.

Full review of your Social Media activity and performance

  • Analysis of the social traffic to your website.
  • Review your historical social media activity and primary channels: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
  • Summarise, report and recommend specific activities.

Full review of your inbound Link profile

  • Identify valuable links and opportunities to boost those
  • Identify toxic links with proposed remedies
  • Identify competitor’s valuable links for replication.
  • Advise on expansion of healthy link profile.

All work presented in full report.

Will require access to your Google Analytics.


Delivery time, 10 days

Price: $800.00

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