SEO Consultancy Services

I provide SEO Consultancy Services designed to:

  • Improve your rankings on Google for valuable target search terms
  • Increase organic traffic to your website from search engines
  • Increase the conversion of organic visitors through to goal (enquiry or sale)
  • Ensure a full understanding of your websites performance generally and on Google specifically.

Services are based around this model:















I provide an ongoing monthly programme of activities, including:

  • Google Analytics and webmaster tools setup and configuration. Full monthly reporting of website performance.
  • Full technical analysis and monitoring, to minimise impediments to Google success
  • Full monitoring of comprehensive list of factors which affect your performance on Google
  • Social media usage monitoring and strategies
  • Ongoing onsite-optimisation tuning for target search terms
  • Ongoing competitor analysis and monitoring
  • Ongoing review and recommendations for the growth of your website authority by content addition
  • Google authorship setup and monitoring
  • Continual liaison with you regarding your business activities, planned promotions, specials or areas of need
  • Ongoing content curation: identifying relevant content from other sources that you can add your own insights to
  • Ongoing identification of link building opportunities
  • Ongoing brand monitoring (reputation monitoring) to identify positive or negative mentions
  • Ongoing monitoring of the Google search result landscape for your target phrases
  • Ongoing communication with you regarding any aspect of your websites performance
  • Full monthly reporting of activities and website performance analytics

No contracts

I do not operate with contracts: the programme can be stopped at any time by either party – we require a team effort.


I will tailor a cost to your needs.  Please enquire using the form below.





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