Google expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal

“From the Website Strategies blog Google expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal

Google has formally announced that they are significantly expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal and this will roll out on April 21.  What this means is that the search results for people using a mobile device to search for your products and services will be impacted, and non-mobile friendly websites won’tRead More

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You Need To Be Looking At These SEO Factors In 2015

“From the Website Strategies blog You Need To Be Looking At These SEO Factors In 2015

2014 has once again seen many changes from Google, including: New rollouts of the Google Panda algorithm which look at the quality of website content and lowers rankings for websites with ”thin” or inadequate content. New rollouts of the Google Penguin algorithm which looks at the quality of links into the website and lowers theRead More

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Overview of the “New” SEO

“From the Website Strategies blog Overview of the “New” SEO

Interesting article: In short: Google recommends responsive web design. This is an enhanced website that is adaptive to every screen size for all major devices like laptops, desktop PCs, tablets and mobile users. There are some very good reasons why you should consider a more responsive web design. First, you are providing an improvedRead More

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Google Authorship Dead

“From the Website Strategies blog Google Authorship Dead

Google have announced that their much used “Authorship” has been discontinued. In June they stopped showing author photos in the search results and now they don’t show any author information at all.  John Mueller at Google advises: “Unfortunately, we’ve also observed that this information isn’t as useful to our users as we’d hoped, andRead More

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Understanding the Google Search Results

One of the main parts of business activity is Market Analysis. This should be something that is done when people plan a business or start it up. It is also something that should be monitored by keeping a watchful eye on what the trends are occuring on a daily basis in a specific industry. It has become equally important to watch the online activities of our own business and that of our…

Back To Basics: Some technical aspects of SEO

The technical aspects of SEO are usually overlooked when a website is launched and it is the smallest technical issue that can sometimes make the difference between a website’s success or failure.

When you don’t get SEO right the first time your website can be left behind and your competitors will find the success that you want.

Your website needs to be optimised for the search engines…

Glossary of Google Analytics Terms

Google Analytics is a system that allows webmasters to take an in-depth look at the performance of a web page. This is something that you can sign up for free of charge and all you need to do is add some simple code to your web page. Once you have the tracking code in place and confirm that it has been properly installed, Google will start to track data for you relating to the performance of…

Setting Up As A Google Publisher


Being a Google verified publisher confers additional authority on your website and also presents your information as a feature to the right hand side of a Google search for your brand eg:

As you work through the steps to set up your Google Business page you will see that code is produced by the system that is designed for you to add into your website. Copy and paste the code and add it to…

Setting up your Google Plus business page



Here’s how you do it.

1. The first thing you will do is navigate to

2. Next, select a category from the multiple categories that are offered.

Choose the one that suits your business the best and then provide the information requested which is different for every category.

3. Complete all of the necessary information.

You w…

Setting Up Google Authorship


These days when a search is conducted some of the results that are shown will display the face of the author of that content. Authorship increases the Author’s recognition and helps those web pages to clearly stand out in the Search Engine Results Pages. This can increase the rank of your web page and give you an edge over your competition which can help to attract new…

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