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  • SEO is one of the most essential activities you can undertake for your business and success on Google is essential for sustained generation of free vistiors to your website.
  • Webstrategies provides SEO consultancy services designed to help you to optimise your website for success on Google
  • We understand the NZ online environment and look forward to assisting you with your SEO and Website Marketing needs. Thank you for considering Webstrategies as your SEO company.

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Basic Social Media Plan

“From the Website Strategies blog Basic Social Media Plan

A simple guide to get started, 15 minutes per day Initially use the same posts for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus (will need to be cut down to <140 characters for Twitter). Later, vary the post text for each. Later still, treat each channel entirely separately with its own plan. Hootsuite.com allows you to manageRead More

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10 Reasons Why Having Videos Autoplay on your website is not a good idea

“From the Website Strategies blog 10 Reasons Why Having Videos Autoplay on your website is not a good idea

To use or not to use autoplay for video content on my site? That’s the question bouncing around most website owners’ minds. Just like music, photos and maps, videos can enhance your visitors’ experience and lead to more conversions. When placing the video on the site, you can either set the video to play automaticallyRead More

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